Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Passing out and Peeing Myself

So here is a funny story. I go to pick up my friend Nick at the airport, because that is what friends do. I'm having a good old time playing my accordion and what not, and then we decide to go to Chili's. We being Melissa, Anni, Dane, Katie G, and myself. I sit down to enjoy some Chili's and before the waiter can even bring us the water I passed out. The best part is that everyone thought that I was just messing around. Boy who cried wolf anyone? I slumped over against the window and Melissa tried to get me to stop "messing around". Finally I sort of snap out of of it and lay my head down on the table. I felt sweaty and hot all over. After about a minute I realized that I peed myself. That's right I passed out and peed myself in the middle of Chili's. I felt fine almost immediately so we got up and left it for the waiter to clean up like any grown man would. Everyone was adamant about me going to the hospital so Katie G got me a bag to sit on and Anni drove Melissa and I to the hospital. Where good times were had by all.

This is me about to get a sonogram of my heart. It's a girl!

They had to monitor my heart with these extremely sticky pads. Melissa sure had some fun ripping them off.

Look at all that hair!

Don't worry. I'm okay. I spent the night at the hospital and they ran a ton of Brain tests and Heart tests but it wasn't a seizure and I have a regular heart beat. So chalk it up to one of the thousands of things doctors can't explain. In all likely hood they said it shouldn't happen again. I was given a clean bill of health and I drove home. As of this post it has been a little over 24 hours since I peed myself.


Anonymous said...

I had the same thing happen to me like four years ago. Dr's never figured out why. Just said I must have blacked out. You story is the same as mine, minus the peeing part.
But I was out for only 10- 15 second, and when I snapped back into reality, for a half a second I had this awesome most incredible sensation in my legs, then a realized when where I was and what had happened (in a split second) and an overwhelming feeling of hot/cold chills clamminess.... it was crazy.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me at an amusement Park passed out from playing mini golf temporarily went blind and deaf and I also peed my self thank god I had extra clothes and recovered after entering the air-conditioned arcade I blame it on the evil sun -_- but what would I know I never went to the doctors eh to Mexican for all that

nick pickrell said...

google search did not let me down, mr. "passing out and peeing myself."

Devyn said...

what happened to "Billy, the hairless wonder?"

Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to incident #2?

Anonymous said...

Same exact thing happened to me yesterday at a horse race. The race started, I heard the horses take off, and the next thing I know I'm on the ground with a crowd of EMTs around me. I had passed out for 2 minutes and peed myself. When I got up I felt completely fine. My friend was pretty shaken up though. She said she thought I was having a seizure but I have no history of epilepsy so I think its just another medical mystery.

Anonymous said...

Me too. I was at a concert. My heart raced I turned to my boyfriend and said we need to leave. Then I immediately passed out into him. When I came to, I realized I had wet myself. I don't think I was getting enough oxygen or maybe I panicked from the crowd. Eventually, I felt perfectly fine.

Anonymous said...

I had the same thing happen to me today! I'm back packing through Europe and while on an early flight I woke up from my sleep and felt really weird. I asked the little girl next to me to let me out and then I just blacked out! When I came to I had all the flight attendants around me and was pretty banged up from my fall. After they moved me out of the isle since I made a huge scene, l realized I had Peres my pants!
No clue why it happened and didn't see a doctor since I'm traveling but hope it doesn't ever happen again. It's scary, embarrassing and actually pretty funny... After.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me today at work... So embarrassing! I donated blood and 10 minutes later I was on my office floor for what they say was a few seconds (I felt like it was forever!). I woke to the sensation of me peeing myself -___- took me to the hospital and all is fine ... Definitely not donating blood again

Anonymous said...

Same story. Middle of the night, up to take a leak, felt dizzy, got down to hands and knees and went out. Awoke when my face enthusiastically greeted the bathroom floor. Noted to myself that "THAT hurt!", rolled over and went out again. When I awoke I'd peed myself. I'd been fasting and was dehydrated. Duh.

Anonymous said...

I'm not alone...

I was getting Physiotherapy treatment on my neck. And my Physio said "Let's try Acupuncture" and I was like "Well why not, I've never done it before".

But by the time she stuck the final needle in (this was were all the pain was on the side of my neck), my hearing started to go and my eye sight went all funny. Like I had rubbed them really hard and all I could see was the blood vessel pattern in the back of my eyes.

All I was telling myself was "Just push through it, it's only 15 minutes you are just making yourself ill for some reason unknown to even yourself". The next second I thought I blinked. But apparently I was out for like 3 minutes, passed out in the chair snoring my head off with my head tilted back at a extremely odd angle and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. My Physio was freaking out trying to get me to wake up.

When she did wake me up I felt like no time had passed, to me my brain was working fine but I couldn't put words together easily because my body seemed exhausted.

And I didn't realize until they got me up on the bed that I even wet myself. It was so embarrassing... I felt so ashamed. I couldn't even feel it. And it was probably because I was cold and clammy.

My Physio and the receptionist calmed me down and told me not to worry because they were very concerned that something extremely serious had just happened since my blood pressured had just dropped so suddenly.

Went to the Doctor, had some tests done and blood drawn (don't know those results yet). But he thinks that since I have a viral infection, combining it with the acupuncture just caused my blood pressure to drop in turn making me pass out. And advised anything needle related from now on, I need to be in laying down so I have less of a chance of passing out.

But things I should have done before I went to the Physio. Had a good breakfast to keep my blood sugar up, I don't have diabetes but it does help keep your blood pressure in check.

Just making sure you eat regularly and not skipping will help your body maintain your blood pressure, that was advice from my Aunt.

I don't know if I will try acupuncture again. If I do I will have to have a completely empty bladder.

Anonymous said...

Same thing just happened to me, was in the street suddenly felt a bit sick and dizzy so sat down on a step then the next thing I wake up with my boyfriend and a few other people asking if I'm ok and I realise I've peed myself. So embarrassing I can't laugh about it yet.